Sylvia Henderson
Founder / CEO

Interpersonal skills, professional branding, and implementing ideas for workplace, professional, & relationship success. We help you SHOW that you're as great as you say you are!

  • Workshops, training programs, & seminars

  • Keynotes, web-seminars, & tele-seminars

  • Products & educational tools

  • Coaching & consulting services


Programs Your needs are our priority. We work with you to tailor our expertise to your requirements to best serve you and your staff. We also work with you to honor your budget and cash flow considerations while balancing the reality of meeting our own overhead commitments.

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Your Idea Success!

Make your IMPACT(c) idea at a time! Position your ideas for profit. Get clear about, develop your idea implementation strategy for, take action on, and be accountable to your ideas. The Idea Success Network is your portal to programs, events, tools, and services to IMPACT(c) your bottom line, organization, community, and life.

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