Mission Objectives

Mission Statement
Springboard Training
“Your springboard to personal and professional development!”

Our mission is to be,
and to be respected and acknowledged as –

The leadership and interpersonal communication skills resource of choice serving staff level employees-through-middle management professionals.

In support of our mission, we research, develop, and deliver exemplary client-focused programs and materials. We passionately engage multiple senses and implement adult learning principles to capture, maintain, and retain participant interest in our messages for maximum knowledge and skills transfer.

Backing our mission, we engage in ongoing research and discussion to ensure our clients receive current and relevant products and services. We model what we promote, and value relationships and self-care as strongly as we value a profitable business model.

Present ideas and information powerfully and creatively to sellbalance in your life between personal and professional demands to be most effective as a person. Be a manager or supervisor who is recognized as a leader in your organization. Facilitate learning by actively involving your audience when you need to train people. your self, ideas, business, or products. Maintain

Sylvia Henderson, Chief Everything Officer (CEO) of Springboard Training, conducts experiential programs for organizations that want more effective leaders and for decision-makers who want better outcomes.


  • Prepare clients to effectively and powerfully communicate information and ideas.
  • Convey success and life-balance principles using unique (motorcycle) analogies and references.
  • Make available educational tools that support objectives, to both small and large groups.
  • Serve association, business, non-profit, Chambers of Commerce, union, and education / youth-focused organizations by implementing a positive work ethic and attitude.
  • Have fun and maintain a balanced life (practice what we preach!)
  • Produce results.


We work to exceed your expectations and be your provider of choice for workshops, keynotes, and educational tools in the areas of leadership, interpersonal communication skills, and motivation for success while maintaining levity and balance in my life. Some of our personal and professional values – not necessarily grammatically correct as listed – include:

  • Consistently meet or exceed your expectations.
  • Be honest with what we can do for you as well as with what we may not be the best choice for doing for you.
  • Have fun and be creative.
  • Give back to society.
  • Be true to ourselves by being the “same people” professionally that we are personally.
  • Keep people first.
  • Value relationships at many levels.
  • Financial independence IS nice!
  • Continually learn, explore, and grow (mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually).
  • Maintain strong belief systems.
  • Believe commitments are purposeful. Keep them.
  • Being early = “on time”.
  • Pay debts in a timely manner.
  • Collect what is due.
  • Live within our means.
  • Never “grow up”.
  • When involved, be involved.
  • Use our expertise to help others.
  • Have passion for what we choose to do.
  • Find fulfillment in what we choose to involve ourselves.
  • Take ourselves ever so not seriously.
  • Experience. Feel. Think. Consider. Do.

Springboard Training is a woman-owned, minority-owned business with training, presentation, and writing experience with large technology and consulting firms.

References are available for serious inquiries.

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