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Client: Banking Institution

Situation: Branch management wanted Tellers and other front-line staff to be more pro-active with up-selling customers on additional bank services and informing customers of additional ways in which the bank can help with financial planning.

What We Did:

  • Identified how bank management would determine whether solutions would be “successful”.
  • Determined and agreed to a fee that accommodated the client’s cash flow requirements.
  • Interviewed a sampling of bank managers and front-line employees to learn how they currently operate with customers.
  • Researched on the Internet as well as by collecting bank publications about the banking industry (in general) and about how this particular bank served its customers and the communities in which it does business.
  • Researched the bank’s business practices, public financial statements, and community demographics of the communities it serves.
  • Developed an outline of a workshop for front-line employees based on knowledge gained about their industry, practices, and their specific banking institution’s mission, values, and goals.
    Per management request, the workshop included customer service practices, a section on what it means to be pro-active without being annoying, and communications skills for external and internal communications.
  • Developed a workshop for front-line employees upon outline approval.
  • Scheduled and facilitated the workshop developed specifically for the client.
  • Followed-up with “secret shopper”-type checks on various front-line personnel to see if they became more pro-active with customer service after participating in the workshop.

Results: Some tellers did become more pro-active with their service practices. The banking institution is a local bank in our area so it was easy to periodically follow-up with various employees.


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