Business and Government Clients

  • Montgomery County Department of Economic Development—Coaches’ Series + Mentor Program
    (presentation skills and customer service)
  • Montgomery County Innovation Center / Thinkspinner SeminarsPublic seminars
    (“Develop Effective Webinars”; business image and presentation skills)
  • Local Goverment Insurance Trust (LGIT)
    (“Do We Understand Each Other?” – effective communication skills; two-way communication)
  • Sandy Spring Bank of Maryland
    (proactive customer service)
  • A Federal US research & development client (identity undisclosed at client’s request, due to security)
    (customer service and managing priorities)
  • Michigan Department of Corrections staff
    (professionalism / work ethics)
  • VERIZON – Employee performance and developmental coaching courses
    (supervisors and managers)
  • B. F. Saul Company Hotels Division
    (communication and e-mail)
  • WMAL Radio
    (sales workshop – “Small Talk for Big Results” – effective communication)
  • Charles County (MD) Government
    (motivating workers + difficult people)
  • US Department of the Interior managers and supervisors
    (“Success Language: Work/Life Skills for Success”)
  • US Department of the Interior – Federal Employees-Minority Development program
    (“The Importance of Black Authors” program and book signing)
  • Business Training Works—multiple clients
    • University of MD
      (customer service)
    • Hartford (CT) Department of Housing & Development (supervisory_leadership skills)
      (effective communication skills)
  • Fitzgerald AutoMalls—Client seminars
    (“Success Language: Work/Life Skills for Success”)
  • Maryland Judiciary employees – Annapolis, MD.
    (“Success Language” – work/life skills for success)
  • D.C. Courts employees
    (“Success Language” – work/life skills for success)
  • Montgomery County Women’s Business Expo, sponsored by the Rockville Chamber of Commerce
    (“Success Language: Business Professionalism”)
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