Faith-Based Organizations

Client: Jesus House DC (A Member of the Redeemer Network)

Situation: Leadership acknowledges that a faith-based institution operates following business practices and principles behind the scenes. In order to survive, grow its membership, and thrive long into the future, volunteers and staff who perform outreach services must exercise positive customer service practices just as a retail operation or other business must. Sylvia was asked to present a customer service workshop to outreach staff and volunteers in the Membership Ministry.

What We Did:

  • Identified how leadership would determine whether solutions would be “successful”.
  • Determined and agreed to a fee and product sales arrangement that accommodated the client’s cash flow requirements.
  • Spoke with the “hiring manager” (program manager) to learn how the organization currently performs outreach services with prospective and current members.
  • Researched on the Internet about the organization and its larger network to which it belonged.
  • Viewed video posted online of services and praise events. Read the organization’s magazine and available fliers.
  • Attended a service to get a feel for the praise atmosphere, beliefs, and welcoming attitudes of the members.
  • Communicated with the hiring manager by submitting an outline draft of the planned program to ensure that the program met the goals and objectives as intended.
  • Developed the seminar and accompanying reference material for staff and volunteers responsible for member outreach actions upon outline approval.
  • Scheduled and facilitated the seminar developed specifically for the client.
  • Followed-up with a one-on-one, in-person meeting with the hiring manager to receive feedback that outreach tips and suggestions were retained and practiced by the staff and volunteers in attendance.

Results: Staff and volunteers, when queried specifically about the points made in the seminar, identified messages they retained and commented positively about the reference materials distributed. Days after the program some of these same people retained messages that touched them the most. The hiring manager subsequently scheduled Sylvia to deliver additional programs to larger groups of staff and volunteers.


testimonial_presentation - JesusHouseDC

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