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Client: Montgomery County Department of Economic Development

Situation: The Director of Small Business Services runs a Small Business Mentorship program for business owners. The participants in the select program meet once a month at the Department of Economic Development office in Rockville MD. They invite a diverse, closely-vetted selection of speakers to address the group on specific business-related topics and to engage participants in facilitated discussion so that they apply principles and theories to their actual business environments. The Director participated in a previous workshop that Sylvia facilitated in a different venue and, impressed by what he experienced, invited her to facilitate a Mentorship Program session. The topic was “Customer Service Excellence”.

What We Did:

  • Identified how the Dept. of Economic Development would determine that the program was “successful”.
  • Engaged the Director in a question-and-answer session in order to learn of the key message points to deliver to the program participants about customer service excellence for their businesses.
  • Researched the organization minimally due to extensive prior relationships with and business conducted for the organization and its various staff members.
  • Developed an outline of the program specifically targeted to small-business owners and customer service within their cash-flow, budget, personnel, and other resource constraints by the very nature of their sizes.
  • Developed an interactive and discussion-oriented session upon outline approval.
  • Worked with DED administrative personnel to schedule the program.
  • Facilitated the session developed specifically for the program participants.
  • Followed-up with a conversation with the Director for feedback as to relevancy and value of the program.

Results: In a subsequent Mentorship Program meeting, participants expressed their desire for Sylvia to return with another session. Feedback about the reference materials, high level of interaction, and Sylvia’s knowledge of and stories about customer service experiences was highly positive.


testimonial_presentation - MoCoDeptofEconDevel

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