Non-Profits and Associations

Clients: Multiple Associations and Non-Profits
(Including the Association for Associations)

Situation: Associations and Non-Profits have conferences and conventions where keynote speakers and break-out educational session facilitators are needed. More than “motivational speakers”, organizations justify their speaker resources by the educational content and audience participation that leads to message retention long after the sessions occur. Sylvia is brought in to facilitate workshops and speak as a general session keynoter due to her educational content and ability to engage her audiences in active learning experiences.

What We Did:

  • Identified how each organization determined whether presentations and educational sessions would be “successful”.
  • Determined and agreed to fees, travel and lodging arrangements, product sales arrangements, participation in other events that are part of conferences and conventions, welcome package donations, and the other aspects of speaker participation that enhance the overall conference experience for the organizations’ members and that work within conference and education budgets.
  • Interviewed individual members and representatives of business members of the organizations. Also interviewed samplings of staff, leadership, and vendors of the respective organizations to learn how the organizations carry out their missions and work with their members, staff, and vendors.
  • Researched on the Internet about the organizations and their industries.
  • Viewed – and sometimes contributed to developing – program marketing and reference materials. At times, named program titles and provided reference materials that followed the themes of specific conferences.
  • Obtained and read organizations’ magazines and available fliers.
  • Attended local events, where applicable.
  • Communicated with the hiring personnel or managers by submitting draft outlines planned programs to ensure that the programs met the goals and objectives as intended.
  • Developed programs and accompanying reference materials for the events upon outline approvals.
  • Worked with planners and administrators to create environments and facilitate programs developed specifically for clients.
  • Followed-up with a one-on-one, in-person or telephone meetings with the “hiring managers” to receive levels 1 and 2 evaluations. Where longer-term relationships were established, followed-up at later dates to encourage and receive level 3 evaluations.

Results: Planners, decision-makers, and participants communicated positive experiences. Learners retained messages and kept reference materials long after events concluded. Knowing how conference materials are typically discarded when participants return to their “real lives”, the fact that Sylvia’s materials are kept and referenced speaks to the usefulness and relevance of said materials.


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