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These resources I provide to you in response to requests from participants in my “Hey, That’s My Idea!” programs. I have no ties or relationships to any of these resources, unless indicated at the resource link. I have used some; seen them all at some point; and most of all, sincerely hope that you find something here that is helpful to you as you implement your ideas.
Sylvia Henderson
Author, Hey, That’s My Idea!

book_cover_front (2010_1011) Book and program resources
United States Patent and Trademark Office
(An agency of the US Department of Commerce)
The “official” scoop on trademark and patent protections for US-originated intellectual property and products.
A quick and (reasonably) easy online resource for legal processes.
NOTE FROM SYLVIA: While I include this resource here, I issue this personal warning for using this resource. They perform as advertised. Yet, they perform as advertised. Read between the lines. I was very unhappy with their results when I pursued a trademark for my logo, and had to subsequently engage a local trademark attorney – at several thousand dollars – to “fix” the issue.
Pre-Paid Legal
(An independent associate)
* Highly recommended by Sylvia *  Peg is a friend and colleague. I trust her guidance and recommend her services.
Duchess Enterprises
Publishing Law Center
(Law offices of Lloyd Rich)
Articles and blog written “in English”, clear to a non-legal reader.
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Publishing Law Center