Resources for Written Communications

These resources I provide to you in response to requests from participants in my “Hey, That’s My Idea!” programs. I have no ties or relationships to any of these resources, unless indicated at the resource link. I have used some; seen them all at some point; and most of all, sincerely hope that you find something here that is helpful to you as you implement your ideas.
Sylvia Henderson
Author, Hey, That’s My Idea!

book_cover_front (2010_1011) Book and program resources
The UVic Writers’ Guide (Complete; Online)
(The University of Victoria, British Columbia)
A guide to organizing information and writing.
Online Table of Contents, full text, and index.
UVic Writers’ Guide
Writers’ Web
(University of Richmond, VA)
Writers’ Web
Ways to Organize Information
(Center for Innovation in Education)
This document presents two ways to organize information: sorting and classifying and graphing.
How to Organize Information (PDF)