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Interpersonal Communications

Written Communications – Electronic and Paper


Presentations; Public Speaking Skills

On-Camera; Video; Studio Presentation Skills

Time; Priorities; Organizational Skills; Setting Goals

College Success and Work/Life Preparation


Business Etiquette

Image; First Impressions; Creating Positive Perceptions

  • Set to Impress
  • Brand You (Feature article in a Springboard Training brochure for a conference.)
    Note: This link takes you to a PDF at Google Docs.

Telephone and Gadget Etiquette

Work Ethic

Leadership; Management

Meetings; Events

Customer Service; Client Care

Team Work; Getting Along With Other People

Train-the-Trainer / Facilitation Skills

Motivation and Success; Self-Esteem; Confidence; Positive Attitude

Work from Home / Home-Based Business

Additional Topics (or A Nice Way to Say “Miscellaneous”)


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