Solutions to Puzzles: “Personal Branding” Magazine, Vol.11-09

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(Word-find puzzle solution)

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“Altered Perspectives”…How does your perspective hold you back?

(Find 14 differences photo puzzle solution)

Original Photo

Sylvia_WOWPresident (OriginalPhoto)

Altered Perspectives Photo
photo_photoshopped_FINAL - Sylvia_motorcycles_WOWPresident (2011_0627)
Altered Perspectives Solution
photo_solution_FINAL - Sylvia_motorcycles_WOWPresident (2011_0627)

  1. Reflector changed from red to yellow
  2. Missing rear view mirror from handlebar
  3. Tag off
  4. Bike turned colors from red to blue (a political statement?)
  5. Handle bar lost a support
  6. Switched numbers (“32” to “23”)
  7. Patch section removed
    PLUS: Lost my shirt button, but that’s very hard to detect in the small photo
  8. Sissy-bar stripped off the back
  9. Shortened the blue on the pole (or lengthened the gray; depends on your perspective!)
  10. Logo less the red
  11. Poster lost some parts
  12. Lost logo and no longer number “1”
  13. Blackened wheel
  14. Lost orange turn signal
Bonus difference:

+. “G” changed to “6” on the poster

You have to have really good eyesight – or a photo enlarger – to see this one. Congratulations!