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motorcycle-vintage_shifter02 Shift Yourself Into Your Next Gear!

It’s an often-used phrase – “shift happens.”
What does it mean?
What does it mean to you?
What does it mean for you?

Shift happens in all our lives.
The question I have for you is, do you let shift happen to you or do you make shift happen for you?
This telesummit is to enable you to make shift happen for you.

Years ago I made shift happen for me. Well, okay. I make it happen a lot, regularly. But this tale is just about one of my many shifts. It is also a metaphor for making things happen in your life, and in life in general. As “they” say – here’s how the story goes. Sylvias_Mom_on_moto
[Sylvia’s Mom – Glowing After a Ride]

[Sylvia’s Honda Shadow VT1100TX]


I’ve always had a “things I want to do in life” list. Some call it a bucket list. I’ve turned the concept into a program called “What’s In Your Saddlebag?”Since my early college years I have been a student of self-help, motivation, and success tools – books, cassettes, CDs, seminars – you name it. One of the common themes within these tools is goal-setting and having those 25 things / 40 things / 100 things you want to do before you die lists.

I’ve always thought the idea of a “bucket list” – a kick-the-bucket / before-you-die list – was a bit of a downer and rather a negative view of living life. So I just shifted the concept to a more positive “things I want to do in my life” list.


 One of the things on my list years ago was that I wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle. As I approached 40 years of age, I took that goal and made it a reality. I found – almost as soon as I decided to do it – a motorcycle safety class offered at a local community college, registered for the class, and showed up one month after I picked that item from my list.

sylvia_moto HEROWN_01
[The license plate says it all –

 Talk about shift happening! Not only did I learn a whole new way of shifting (the motorcycle, as opposed to the standard transmission cars I drive.) My entire life shifted to integrate a “biker” culture, albeit it is a suburban weekend rider culture rather than a hardcore biker one portrayed in movies.

My mother even got in on the act. That’s her in the photo, at 89 years of age, after a ride on the back of the motorcycle. She will be 95 in February, 2010 and is still with us, though her motorcycle-riding days are over.

[Foot rest and gear shift mechanism on a touring motorcycle. Made for the comfort of a long ride.]

 My shift into the motorcycle world was my doing; my initiative. I did not realize how much it would change my life. My life partner also learned to ride in that same motorcycle safety class though it was not on her “life list”. She figured she’d never see me if I got into motorcycling on my own, yet it has been interesting to see that she’s into it more than I am! The “just us” rides are wonderful and bring us closer after weeks of “life happening”. That’s an ongoing series of shifts for us.


 Another big shift for me was creating my entire speaking program around motorcycle experiences. Since I speak, train, and write about “common” topics such as communicating and managing time resources effectively; looking and acting your best for interviews; preparing yourself for promotions; and success principles, I constantly meet other speakers who speak on the same topics.

I’ve learned to stand out from the crowd by being “That Motorcycle Lady.” I integrate motorcycle analogies and metaphors into my programs. How many black, female, motorcycle-riding business speakers do you know? My point exactly.

Vintage Motorcycle Photographs
[Shifting gears on a vintage (old) motorcycle was more like using an automobile stick shift mechanism. This vintage bike has my name on it! It’s a Henderson motorcycle (though not really any relation to me).]

 Let’s bring this story of making shift happen for me back to you, and back to my contribution to this Shift2010 Telesummit.

You are participating in this telesummit for any number of specific reasons. I won’t even begin to list the possibilities. I imagine, however, that the overall reason for most of us is to be a part of a community that encourages our making the changes we feel we need to make in our lives – large or small – on our own terms and within our own powers. Like a motorcycle rider – we power our own way.

My being asked to contribute to this telesummit is a shift in my life. While I have known Anita for years, we have communicated one-on-one very little in the last 2 or 3. I’ve listened to her broadcasts; downloaded some of her materials; participated in some teleseminars; and continually receive her e-bulletins, but our one-on-one phone conversations dwindled as we both found our respective ways in the world to help others, and got busier. When Anita called me and we talked about this telesummit, it was a wonderful reconnection and opportunity I could not refuse. What a shift back into each other’s lives!
[Diagram of the inner workings of a motorcycle gear mechanism. This is “too much info” for most people – including me. I just want the gears to work when I shift them!]

The images you have seen here are gear-shift mechanisms for motorcycles. This inner gear diagram represents the complexity of a seemingly-simple process of shifting gears on a seemingly-simple vehicle with two wheels. I assure you that neither is simple. Riding a motorcycle is a complicated and intense experience; shifting the bike requires concentration and skill. If you drive an automatic transmission vehicle and have never driven a standard transmission “stick shift” car or truck, add one more degree of difficulty to the experience until you get used to it.

Shift in our lives is complicated because it involves a variety of aspects of our lives. We seldom live in neatly-compartmentalized niches. What we work on internally affects how we act, respond to others, and do. How others relate to us affects how we feel, think, and react. How we present ourselves and what we do affects and reflects how we feel about ourselves.The experts who are guests throughout this telesummit represent expertise in many areas of making shift happen in our lives. Many will share stories of how their lives changed after creating shift for themselves. Some will help us examine ourselves from the inside, involving very personal “can’t lie about my truths” assessments and self-discoveries. Others – and I fall into this category – will help with making shifts happen from the outside, in.My business moniker is that I help people show they are as great as they say they are. When you join the telesummit you will hear my perspective on making shift happen. I’ll just leave you with a teaser here. I am impatient with making the shifts in my life happen. And sometimes other people need certain conditions to present themselves before they open opportunities for you to make things happen. This is where my expertise enters the picture. That’s all I’ll say for now.

(Big smile!)

[You can tell a “real motorcycle rider” by the scuff wear-mark on their left boot. It reveals who is actually manipulating the gear shift mechanism and driving the vehicle.]

Shifting to the end.
This is completely longer than I intended to be. Once my dogs woke me up at 3:00AM to go out in the pouring, cold rain – cat lovers, stop gloating – my mind went into overdrive (another gear-shift metaphor) and I grabbed paper and pen to write. Yes, they still exist as writing tools.

I look forward to sharing with you in the telesummit. And I end this writing with a gift for you for having made it to the end of this manuscript.Click on the “ADD TO SHOPPING CART” button at the end to get a FREE DOWNLOAD of my chapter in the book, “Conversations on Success.” My shopping cart will make you enter several pieces of info before giving you the download link. I have not figured out how to keep it from requiring the info for a free order so be patient with it. I assure you I will not abuse your contact information.If you have questions, or need to contact me, just pull up the “CONTACT US” form from the upper right menu bar on this screen. It will come to my e-mail inbox.

You are making a positive shift in your life by participating in this event. Make shift happen for you throughout your life.

Shift yourself in your next gear!

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