Topics, Content, Learning Objectives

Our Model: “Pathways to Positioning©”

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Program titles restrict the range of topics we cover. While we offer suggested titles in this programs catalog, the topics and learning objectives are most important. We can fit a title to your theme or need.

All of our topics focus on our Pathways to Positioning© Model.


Review this catalog and note the content that interests you.  Then contact us to get to the results you need.

Program Deliverables

It depends! Depending upon the type and content of the programs or consulting that meet your needs, your budget, and what we – together – determine is appropriate for your audience, our deliverables can include:

  • Program Reference Manuals (with worksheets, articles, and resources for further study)
  • Pocket Reference Guides (job aids)
  • Reference cards (job aids and facilitation aids)
  • Downloads or/and storage medium (PDFs; DOCs; audio; video files)
  • Books
  • Additional learning aids and facilitation tools, as appropriate
  • Evaluation forms
  • Certificates of completion

Program Reference Manual (PRM)

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Bonus! Listen to a half-hour program on “Success Language: Making a Positive First Impression”.

Guest expert / author: Sylvia Henderson
Host: Sandra Ruiz, Co-Host of “Lunch and Learn” series of programs with Greg Williams

Program Catalog: Topics, Content, Objectives, Suggested Titles

Topic: Three powerful elements that determine your success
Content Points:

  • Success formula…three powerful elements that determine your success.
  • How people perceive you to be, plus how you prove yourself to be, allow you to position yourself for success. Or not.
  • Portable skills: ten steps towards success.
  • Overview: four pathways to positioning.

Topic: Appearance
Content Points:

  • The “look” of success.
  • Physical
    • Grooming & attire
    • Attitude
    • Artifacts
    • Distractions
  • Emotional
    • Stress
    • Props
    • Work environment
    • Social support network
    • Humor
  • Attitudinal
    • Mindset
    • Attitude – Behavior – Reaction Loop
    • Dealing with change
    • Affirmations

Topic: Communication
Content Points:

  • Verbal
  • Non-verbal
  • Active listening
  • Written (electronic and/or hardcopy)
  • Communication styles
  • Well-intentioned messages; giving and receiving feedback

Topic: Behavior
Content Points:

  • Public speaking; presentation skills
  • Positive work ethic…behaviors that demonstrate you have “it”
  • Timeliness
  • Workplace etiquette; courtesy and consideration
  • Social etiquette
  • “The handshake”
  • Getting along with others; multiple generations in the workplace
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Making decisions; taking initiative
  • Work-life balance
  • Managing priorities and time issues
  • Teamwork – competition and cooperation
  • Leading others
  • Mentoring
  • Self-growth and continuous learning

Topic: Results
Content Points:

  • Achieving / accomplishments vs. doing / busyness
  • SMART goals
  • Recognition and appreciation
  • Application – relate concepts and topics to your environment; solutions to your issues

Topic: Self-reflection and personal action plan (all programs)

Program Titles and Descriptions
(For points of reference.) Remember…we can mix and match the topics and content to meet your needs, as well as work out alternative program titles.

  • Pathways to Positioning: Success Language
  • Success Language: Work-Life Skills for Success
  • Hear Me Roar: Present, With Power!
  • Leader of the Pack: Leadership / New Manager Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • V-Twin Values: Work-Life Skills for Success (keynote only)
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