Program Description – Pathways to Positioning: Success Language

Program Description

Your workplace atmosphere, style of communication, expectations, rules, symbols, norms–written and unwritten—constitute a workplace “language” that when understood and communicated, influence the success of individual workers, managers…and customers. This language of success rewards those who learn it and discourages those who do not. An individual learns this success language to position oneself to be hired, considered for advancement and promotion to greater responsibility and status, or to gain new clients.

Those who influence your success are to understand what you say and write, accept how you look and behave, and approve of your work ethic and accomplishments. You must cause them to recognize your knowledge and skills and respond to your attitudes and behaviors before you can advance to more-challenging responsibilities and higher-performing positions and opportunities. (Also, before you can effect changes that grow your career, build your business, or improve your life situation.)

This “Pathways to Positioning: Success Language” program teaches (and reinforces) the work-life skills that contribute to positioning for workplace, professional, and life success. Participants use a comprehensive workbook to personalize and internalize their learning experiences. Active participatory exercises inspire individual self-assessments and group discussions that lead to specific solutions for improving professional skills and attitudes. Facilitator lectures and additional reading materials provide the information, resources, and guidance that direct participants to the knowledge they need to implement the skills and attitudes cultivated throughout the program. Principles of adult learning guide the development and implementation of this program to maximize learner retention.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this program, participants (you) will be able to:

  • Describe three powerful elements that determine your success;
  • Identify four pathways to positioning for your job, career, volunteer, and/or life success;
  • Determine the aspects of appearance, communication, behavior, and results that best apply to you and your professional and personal life situations;
  • Apply attitudes and implement behaviors that influence how others perceive you and your organization;
  • Recognize how you affect others by what you say and do (and vice versa);
  • Make decisions about the influences in your professional and personal life to determine the levels of success you achieve;

using tools provided in the program and engaging the resources you have in each other.

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