“Hear Me Roar! Present, With Power”

(Communicate clearly and present the “whole person” as well as the message)

Knowing how to communicate effectively is essential to success in the workplace. Using strong communication skills can help you to increase your professionalism, allow you to improve your working relationships, lead effectively, and create a more pleasant working environment. This program presents the skills that help you to be a better communicator.

Learn or review effective communication skills to communicate effectively in the workplace and in your personal life. Enhance your presentation and public speaking skills. Explore how to present the “whole person” rather than just the message.

Topics and Objectives: Effective Communication Skills

  • Overview and introduction
  • Active listening
  • Communications pie
    • The words you use.
    • Verbal variety – the way you use words.
    • Body language.
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • E-mail, Instant Messages (IM’s), and Texting
  • Business meetings
  • Summary and wrap-up
    • Develop an action plan to apply concepts from this session to your “real life” environment and provide feedback to the session facilitator.

Topics and Objectives: Presentation/Public Speaking Skills

  • Presentation structure and flow
    • (Objective) Structure and build a presentation so that you achieve the results you want from the people you reach.
  • Make something happen
    • (Objective) Determine how to present information to encourage action, thought, or attitude change.
  • Delivery skills
    • (Objective) Discuss both effective and “needs improvement” delivery skills.
  • Power presence
    • (Objective) Examine techniques for projecting a powerful personal image.
  • Practice and preparation to quell the nerves
    • (Objective) Review techniques for practicing and preparing to deliver a presentation.
  • Visual aids
    • (Objective) Explore the use of effective visuals.
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