Leader of the Pack: Leadership / New Manager Interpersonal Communication Skills

(Basic leadership and interpersonal communication skills)

Leading and managing projects is one thing; leading and managing people is another. Moving from an outstanding worker or employee into a management or supervisory role requires letting go of the everyday hands-on skills that got you there. It also requires that you implement a new set of leadership skills. Dealing with people – as a leader or as a manager – involves human relations, coaching, decision making, and communications skills. These are learned skills that need practice. Examine the skills that enable strong, effective leadership and sound people-management.

This program has a volunteer leadership component if for a non-profit or other volunteer-led organization.

Sample Agenda – Topics and Objectives:

  • Discuss the expectations in your organization for you as a leader.
  • Discover the balance between your organization’s direction and your own goals.
  • Develop SMART goals, objectives, and action plans with your people.
  • Share methods for handling difficult situations.
  • Practice communication skills appropriate to leading and managing people.
  • Determine what motivates people and how to tap into their motivating factors.
  • Work with techniques for delivering objective feedback and/or evaluations.
  • Audit yourself as a leader.
  • Identify your leadership and management goals for the future.
  • Acquire tools and resources that enable you to further discover and use the knowledge and skills form this program.
  • Program is developed to meet your specific needs. This is an example of the subject matter that can be covered.

Audience participation tools are developed into and facilitated throughout the program.

Presenter Bio Note – Sylvia Henderson

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In addition to the all the “isn’t she wonderful?” stuff you read at the “Sylvia Henderson” page, Sylvia’s leadership experiences that directly guide this program include:

  • Management, team, and project leadership with Fortune 100 companies.
  • Board of Directors and National President service for an international non-profit (approximately 4500 members).
  • Board of Directors, Chapter President, and national committee service for a professional association (approximately 4000 members).
  • Board of Directors service for a national youth non-profit organization.
  • Management of her own business, est. 2000.
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