Subscribe2Succeed Member Development Program


The value of your relationship with Springboard Training increases exponentially when you join our members-only development program. You receive continuous learning opportunities in the form of:

  • Regular mailings of audio, video, and support documentation and worksheets.
    Benefit: You can engage in self-improvement opportunities without being tied to a computer. Use your vehicle media system or portable devices.
  • Teleseminars and webinars.
    Benefit: Targeted learning with experts not available or “within your reach” normally.
  • Downloadable audio lessons with documentation and worksheets.
    Benefit: Carry lessons with you for 24-7 accessibility.
  • Review copies of publications (hardcopy and eBooks)
    Benefit: Receive complimentary products; give feedback that shapes product development.
  • Individualized coaching and consulting.
    Benefit: Focus on your individual needs for longer-term behavioral and attitudinal changes.
  • Invitations to special events.
    Benefit: Engage in networking and learning opportunities that involve interacting with other people “live”.

Sample some of the materials to which you will have access when you participate in our Subscribe2Succeed Personal and Professional Development Program.

Sample: Full audio podcast (30-minutes)

  • “Mindset to Succeed”
Sample: Full video broadcast (30-minutes)

  • “Effective Networking – Contacts Count”
    An interview with author and businesswoman Lynne Wayman, Contacts Count

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2
Sample: Springboard iNFO_NOTE(c) (PDF document)

  • “7 ‘PRO-Points’ for a Right Mindset”
Sample: Program resource (notes and worksheet from a teleseminar or webinar)

  • “Pathways to Positioning for Small Business Success”
Sample: Complementary book Txtversations_book_cover_front_image01
Sample: Complementary eBook booklet cover_powerful presentations
You will also get physical, hardcopy shipments periodically.

Subscribe2Succeed for your ongoing personal and professional development once, and continue to receive value over the long term. Make continuous learning a budget item on your financial statement rather than a one-time expense!