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Welcome to the Neighborhood!

You will find here an ever-growing connection to a community – a world – where success seekers and achievers are the norm. We offer you the tools and resources that enable you to define, pursue, evaluate, build on, and achieve whatever “success” means for you, on your own terms.

Here’s to your personal and professional success!

Sylvia Henderson
Success Community Leader

Success Community: Lifetime Membership Pledge

“Membership” is actually a misnomer. You are a member of the community for success when you take the pledge (below).

  • Membership fee:  Zero currency.
  • Membership time frame:  Lifetime (yours).
  • Membership terms:  Continually build on and work for your success.

The success community is world-wide and vast. “Community” means people and connections. We establish connections to resources that will enable your personal and professional success.

Bookmark this website and return to it again and again. We regularly add success-oriented resources.

“I pledge… … to:

  • dream my greatest dreams;
  • set goals;
  • continually build my knowledge and skills;
  • invest in resources and associate with people to maintain a positive outlook; and
  • take the actions necessary to achieve my goals,

so that ‘success’ – as I define it – is my reality.”

Get your own Lifetime Membership card here. Download your Success Community Lifetime Membership Card and become a “card-carrying member” of the success community.

Of course, you don’t need a membership card to be a member. You already are one!

Now that you are a card-carrying member of the success community, get started on your positive self-talk now. Here are some resources to help you with positive self-talk, otherwise called affirmations. They are good resources in which I have zero self-benefit other than the benefit of helping you achieve your goals.

Positive self-talk / affirmations:

Another success strategy you can implement immediately

WWSPD - dog tag02

Ask yourself, “WWSPD?” And take action on your answer right away. Download this *F.R.E.E.* Springboard Training iNFO_NOTE(c) on success strategies.


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