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SylviaH • December 4th, 2009 

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During a recent job interview coaching session with a client, I reviewed tips for getting positive results from a telephone interview. I later realized those same tips hold true for any business conducted over the telephone.

Use these techniques for a more effective telephone transaction.

  • Make notes for what you want to cover in the call and have them in front of you. A phone conversation can easily go astray and you want your talking points to refer back to. They keep you on track.
  • Eliminate distractions. The listener can hear your voice change when you are distracted.
  • Call when you can speak freely. If you use a home office, dogs barking and children laughing in the background are less than professional.
  • Take a few minutes to prepare yourself prior to the call. Take care of biological needs to eliminate the pressure to rush through a call. (Pun intended.)
  • Refresh your drink. Avoid coffee and milk if you want your voice clear and strong.
  • Prepare your voice to speak. Clear your throat. Blow your nose. Get your coughs out of the way. Take a couple of deep, calming breaths. Then make the call.
  • Use good posture. Sit upright or stand.
  • Use a headpiece so that your hands are free to gesture. Talk on the telephone as if you are talking face-to-face. You sound more natural, which translates to being more genuine, which the listener’s ear interprets as believable.
  • Follow up the phone call with a note summarizing the key points made during the call. Confirm commitments made by both parties. Use wording such as, “My understanding per our telephone conversation is that we agreed to …”

Use these telephone techniques for your business calls. You will be tops with your telephone communication.

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