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The Eyes Have It

SylviaH • January 15th, 2011 

Eyes60 Where you look is where you go. On two wheels – whether motorcycle, bicycle, or scooter – where you fix your gaze tends to be the direction towards where you unconsciously steer.

Eye contact creates a strong connection between people. When your eyes connect with those of another person it is said that you each look through the window to the other’s soul.

How can you create a sincere and trustworthy impression without unnerving the other person with the intensity direct eye contact can generate?

  • Make “soft” eye contact. Look into the other person’s eyes, then occasionally shift your gaze to another part of the person’s face.
  • Fix your gaze on a person’s face at the center of the triangle created by their two eyes and nose.
  • When in a group of people, look at each person in the group for approximately six seconds each before moving to the next person. Continue switching your eye contact throughout your group communication.

Sometimes cultural or socialization factors cause people discomfort with direct eye contact. If you sense such discomfort, make frequent – but short duration – soft eye contact.