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Running Business Meetings

SylviaH • December 21st, 2010 

boardroomTiming is everything when running business meetings.

While you work hard to detail and manage schedules for large, formal meetings and events, small business meeting timing concerns are often overlooked. Develop a process for running business meetings that is as time-tuned as your formal events. Here are four tips on how to do so.

  • Schedule meetings at the end of the day; before meals; at odd times (9:12AM or 3:22PM for example); or schedule several meetings back-to-back to limit the time for any one meeting.
  • Document definitive start, stop, and agenda item times and stick to them. Ask someone with a watch to serve as Time Monitor to publicly notify everyone when to move on to the next agenda item. Start on time every time. Develop a reputation for prompt starts and people will fall in line with your habit.
  • Plan ahead for needed supplies and tools by communicating with meeting participants ahead of time.
  • Set up audio and video equipment before the meeting.

Manage the timing of your small business meetings with the tenacity with which you manage your formal events. Each time!

Recommended resource: Check your bookstore for “How to Run a Successful Meeting in Half the Time”, by Milo Frank. ISBN: 0788168274.