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Public Speaking / Presentation Skills for Small Biz & Individuals – A Hit!

SylviaH • August 21st, 2010 

News Bulletin from Springboard Training


The program is a hit! Sylvia Henderson presented this seminar to individuals and small business owners / non-profit directors under the aegis of the Montgomery County Department of Economic Development, Business Coaching Seminar Series.

Comments and testimonials from participants are in the right column.

“Present Yourself Authoritatively – Command Respect, Communicate Confidence, & Convey Competence”
(Public Speaking and Presentation Skills for Small Business Owners)
Sylvia Henderson, Program Facilitator

Program Description: When you present yourself authoritatively, everything about you—the words you say, how you use your voice and body, your positioning, how you look, your presence, and first impressions of you—communicates confidence and respect. Get your message across as effectively and professionally as the image you wish to convey about yourself and your business.

In this session you will:

  • Discover a process and receive supporting tools for creating and presenting your messages effectively;
  • Explore behaviors that convey a confident presence;
  • Practice public speaking skills.

Remember that we form our impressions of each other by how we convey ourselves and our messages. Command respect, communicate confidence, and convey competence when you give presentations.

Montgomery County Dept. of Economic Development
Business Coaching Series
Rockville Library
2nd Floor
21 Maryland Ave.
Rockville, MD 20850

“As a trainer / public speaker, you gave me some new valuable tips that will help me to bring my trainings to a new level.”
~ E. Vickers, EmmyVickersEnterprises

“Wonderful presentation. I feel inspired.”
~ T. Douchand, Visual Flavors Web Development

“Sylvia is a dynamic speaker who presents her material thoroughly, yet simply.”
~ K. Hickey,

“Nice, complete handouts.”
~ C. Bruna, “It’s a Woman’s World” television host, MMC-TV16 + Past President of Women Business Owners/Montgomery County MD

“Thank you. This is excellent information.”
~ S. Weerth, Business Professional

“Your energy and enthusiasm is awesome and helps keep the topics interesting. Great coaching session. It was so worth my time. Thanks so much for providing the session with the county.”
~ J. DePasquale, American Supplies Unlimited, LLC.

“I recommend this program because it is realistic and gets to the point. Valuable information and knowledge. Thank you. :o) I truly enjoyed the seminar and learned a lot.”
~ R. Kamara, ICY Foundation

“Excellent training. Thank you. Thanks so much for a great presentation. I am already quoting you at my business training and know that I’ll be using the helpful nuggets of info for a long time to come. I do wish I could clone your speaking voice! You did a great job. Thanks, again.”
~ W. Higgins, Melaleuca Business Owner

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