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Report for Duty

SylviaH • February 19th, 2010 

(Complete Staff Work…A Sign of A Positive Work Ethic)

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How good does the report look that you just submitted?
Does your written material reflect that you hold a positive work ethic as part of your value system?

When you complete and submit written material—whether electronically or in print on paper—that written report is a reflection of your values. Your work product shows that you hold a positive work ethic as your value system when the work product reflects completed staff work.

This means that:

  • The pages are clean.
  • The copy is neat and consistent.
  • The prose is checked for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and correct usage.
  • The sentence structure reads well and the messages are clear and understood (by the reader).
  • The information is correct and reflects thorough research.
  • The layout is easy to read and presents well to the eyes.
  • If hard copy (paper), the binding is neat and secure.
  • The submission meets, or precedes, the deadline.

Let your work product serve as an extension of you by reflecting your value of a positive work ethic.