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Audience_Participant Profile Self-Test

SylviaH • July 17th, 2010 

Self-Test for “How to Be a Great Audience Member_Learning Participant”

Audience Member_Learning Participant Profile Self-Test



For each stated behavior, identify the level of your own behavior (on a scale of 1-through-5, with “1” = you rarely exhibit the behavior and “5” = you regularly do so). Put a check mark, “X”, or shade-in the corresponding box for each of your choices (one box/choice per behavior).

1 2 3 4 5
1. I whisper to the person sitting next to me while the speaker is speaking, movie is playing, or event is in progress.
2. I text, send notes, or otherwise use my mobile device instead of giving my full attention to the activity at hand.
3. I sit back and disengage—mentally and physically—from the activity at hand.
4. I stare off into “nothingness” without making eye contact with the speaker or focusing on the activity at hand.
5. I lean forward, sit on the edge of the seat, stand up and remain standing, or otherwise block the view of the people behind me.
6. I wear headgear or hairstyles that sit up high and block other people’s views.
7. I cough, sneeze, clear my throat, or otherwise make noises continually throughout the session without taking steps to limit or muffle the noises.
8. I open candy or snack wrappers, pop drink cans, clink and stir ice, or ruffle through my bag or papers noisily throughout the session.
9. I wear headphones / earbuds to listen to other audio or video input that is unrelated to the event, during the event.
10. I keep my mobile device “on” and allow it to ring audibly during the event. (Add 5 points to any score if you actually answer it in the event venue during the event!)
Subtotals: Column “1” times the number of checked boxes in the column; column “2” times the number of checked boxes in the column; and continued through column “5”.
TOTAL SCORE (Sum of sub-totals)
Add your score per the instructions for sub-totals and total score. If your total score is:

• 10 or lower: I want you as an audience member or participant in my training programs! Way to go. Continue practicing your respectful and attentive behaviors, and suggest to the people around you that they do the same.

• 11-to-30: Most of us are “guilty” of some of these behaviors at some point in time. The key is that you recognize that you do so and that you now make the commitment to be more respectful and attentive when you participate in a learning venue or attend an event as a member of the audience. Brush-up on the suggestions for how to be a better audience member (in this article) and see where you might be an even better attendee or participant next time.

• 31-to-50: Whoa! How do you think your behaviors affect the rest of the audience or group? If others do not bother you, at least be aware that you may bother them. Few people will say anything to you. Unfortunately, those who do speak up tend to do so as disrespectfully as the level of annoyance they feel, which results in elevated encounters and heated emotions. Now that you are aware that you practice such behaviors, see the suggestions for how to be a better audience member (in this article) and adopt some of the suggestions.

Now that you’ve taken the self-test, read the article to discover how to be a better audience member or learning participant!
(You can always pass the article on to someone else as a not-so-subtle reminder of how they can behave.)